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Laura Rosenak

Senior Vice President, U.S. Human Services

Laura Rosenak oversees multiple company divisions, including the company’s unemployment insurance portfolio, benefits and eligibility advocacy work for children and adults, and ancillary programs like LifeLine, providing wired and wireless telephony services to qualifying individuals. This team of more than 3,400 individuals is instrumental in assisting the government in providing critical services to help achieve self-sufficiency. Historically, Laura provided executive oversight for the child support division within Maximus U.S. Services.

Prior to joining Maximus, Laura served as an executive senior vice president for Bank of America, North America, leading the Strategic Solutions organization.

Laura has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Western Intergovernmental Child Support Engagement Council.  She is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and maintains her Continuing Legal Education (CLE). Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts in pre-law and political science, with a minor in sociology.

Get to know our leaders

What do you love most about your work? 

I love the opportunity to really make a difference in the lives of those we serve. Our corporate mission is truly meaningful, and to have the opportunity to positively impact those we serve is a gift.

What separates excellent programs from average ones?

Deliver more than a contract requires and perform at the best level possible to support both clients and customers to achieve the objective. Performance is key - delivering on our commitments and going the extra mile is how we operate.

What is your approach to leadership and mentoring?

I empower those who work with me, ensuring we promote an inclusive environment where teammates have the opportunity to try new ideas and approaches so that we continue to achieve and grow together.  Fostering a transparent environment where we share knowledge, share experiences, and work together to identify solutions is key to our ability to evolve so that we can deliver the most efficient solutions on behalf of those we are entrusted to serve.