Veterans Affairs

Our Veterans’ extraordinary service to the nation demands exceptional services from us

Through transformative technology, digitally enabled customer services, and clinical health, we support the needs of service members and their families.

Veterans Evaluation Services

Veterans Evaluation Services (VES), a Maximus company, helps Veterans and transitioning service members receive the benefits they’ve earned through efficient and accurate medical disability examinations.

VES clinicians have helped hundreds of thousands of Veterans by providing high-quality, timely reports based on objective medical evaluations. VES maintains a 98% Veteran satisfaction rating, the highest Veteran approval rating in the industry.

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Understanding the Veteran experience

To support the diverse needs of Veterans and transitioning services members, we focus on providing services that provide a personalized, respectful, and ethical experience across all interaction points.

We partner with Veterans Service Organizations to provide support in the medical disability claims process and perform medical evaluations in 950 locations in the United States and in more than 800 international locations. We also maintain a fleet of mobile clinics to extend our reach to serve Veterans in additional locations and communities.

From contact centers to medical evaluations to program operational efficiencies, we bring together a real-time contextual understanding of challenges plus and the latest technology to exceed expectations of service delivery.

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Technology and the human touch working hand in hand

VES provides a broad portfolio of essential technology, tools, and knowledge to advance how the federal government meets the needs of all citizens with unique needs. Veteran-focused agencies — and the Veterans, too —  benefit from this capability because of the improved operational efficiency, the additional services that meet rising expectations, and more options for service delivery. Our approach to digital transformation results in overall employee and customer satisfaction and ensures mission success.

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