Military Health

Advancing Digital First Healthcare

Our digital first approach brings new capabilities in advanced technology and human-centered design principles to provide increased access, personalization, quality, and enhanced continuity of care.

Female veteran speaking with a healthcare specialist

Creating better outcomes for clients and beneficiaries with flexibility, technology, scale and human connection with:

Eligibility, Enrollment Service Delivery at Scale and with Ease of Use

Medical Assessments – Review and Examinations

Benefits Coordination, Management, Determination, Appeals

Total Experience Management

Health Information Technology

Scale, expertise, and insight to engage and create connections

181 million

number of citizens served annually combining self-service with human interactions

15 million

number of citizen interactions daily in multiple modalities

1 million

number of Veterans served annually

Unlocking better care: Embracing the whole health approach

Technology plays a pivotal role in this evolution, enabling personalized care based on medical history, personal circumstances, and preventive measures. With tools like AI, ML, and data analytics, agencies can offer tailored treatments and automate various tasks, from billing to records management. Discover how combining services revolutionizes patient wellbeing.

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