Unemployment and Workforce Development

Shaping a new ecosystem of support

The past three years have forever changed the way employment support is delivered — from the way states process UI claims, to the way employers find workers, to the way job seekers approach work. Today, states are laying out a new vision to support job seekers and employers. As government’s go-to partner for changing the status quo, we’re uniquely equipped to turn these ideas into reality.

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Let’s rethink what’s possible with workforce support

People have reimagined their relationship with work, asserting new control over how and where they do their jobs. Today, if work doesn’t align with their personal goals and values, they’re comfortable not engaging. This creates an interesting dilemma for employers who are finding they need to adapt as well — to create a connection with workers choosing change. We’re tackling this challenge in some innovative ways.

Helping job seekers find the right door

A change in work requires a change in workforce services. After all, government’s “no wrong door” strategy only works if people are actually getting to a door, and many job seekers aren’t. So let’s reach out to them first. We can:
• Help job seekers figure out their options as they reexamine what they want
• Serve as a navigator bridging divides between job seekers, potential employers, and program supports so workers can reimagine where they fit
• Build on the existing workforce ecosystem, helping job seekers utilize what’s already in place and supplementing where needed

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Supporting employers as they adapt

With different workers expecting different things today, what approach should employers take? Our services can:
• Help employers adapt their recruiting strategies to identify people aligned with their work culture
• Build a talent pipeline that helps workers reinvent their skillsets, identifies needed talent, and connects employers to that talent
• Equip job seekers for in-demand opportunities that support the change they’ve chosen, factoring in whether their personal goals and values make them the “right fit”

Success story: Virtual employment support for vulnerable populations

Job seekers are often disconnected from even widely available services within their communities. In Maricopa County, Arizona, and Arkansas, we used a strategy of tailored outreach to get people to the right service door and uncover their unmet needs — all while leveraging the expediency and convenience of an increasingly virtual world.

By improving access to essential supports, and better coordinating them, we enabled more than 5,000 UI claimants (AZ) and 15,000 SNAP participants (AR) to get on the right track towards a new or better job.

Modernizing UI support

While the immediate health emergency of the pandemic may have subsided, agency workloads haven’t. And demands to modernize UI programs keep growing. Stay a step ahead with our:   

  • Support for backlog and appeals liquidation. We have the scalability, capacity, and flexibility to address current needs or respond to sudden changes affecting demand.
  • Technology and process recommendations. Whether you need help analyzing your needs, assessing workflow gaps, or examining process improvements, we provide the value-add to solidify your vision.
  • Customer-focused approach. From developing methods to delivering them directly, we keep claimants, employers, and program priorities at the center of all we do.  
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Why we’re different

Across the world, we’re the partner that governments trust most to execute the initiatives they value most. Here’s why:

  • Global toolbox of innovative ideas and best practices. We have a literal world of experiences and road-tested solutions to draw from. With our sole focus on government, we understand the unique complexities of programs, what works, and how to replicate it. All of which enables us to have a faster speed to impact.
  • Pivot-ready partner. Whether your needs are large or small, immediate or long-term, stable or evolving, we have the operational expertise to deliver quickly and at scale, while maintaining program integrity.
  • True impact. Government turns to us because we produce measurable results that move the needle, whether we’re implementing a new program or responding to a crisis. Your priorities become our operational focus.
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