Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program

Plan, procure and implement successful WIC EBT solutions

With our proven track record of innovation, we help governments plan, procure and implement successful WIC Management Information Systems (MIS) and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) projects.

Leading the way since the start of the WIC EBT program


years at the forefront of the WIC EBT initiative


agencies – including 47 states, 5 territories, and 26 tribal agencies – helped with EBT, SNAP, and eWIC


women, infants and children across the U.S. receive WIC benefits each month, on average (FFY 2020, preliminary)

The Maximus difference

We have been at the forefront of the Women, Infants, and Children program's Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) initiative since its inception over 30 years ago. With our proven track record of innovation, we can help you plan, procure and implement successful WIC Management Information Systems (MIS) and EBT projects. We also provide essential project management services from inception to "go live" and beyond.

  • Planning Support
    • Feasibility studies
    • Alternatives, cost-benefit, requirements and best practice analysis
    • Specifications definition
    • Advance Planning Documents (APD)
  • Procurement Support
    • Develop/validate detail program and system requirements
    • Preparation of procurement documents
    • Development of technical and pricing evaluation methodologies
    • Evaluation support
    • Contract negotiation assistance
  • Design, Development and Implementation QA Support
    • Gap analysis 
    • Risk analysis 
    • Technical and system conversion support 
    • System acceptance testing
    • System conversion support
    • Training assessment
    • Pilot evaluations
    • Implementation oversight
    • Vendor oversight
    • Stakeholder outreach
  • Project Management
    • Project organization tools and transparency
    • Established and successful project processes
    • Focus on quality and scope management
    • Vendor oversight

Expertise across programs and systems

Our decades of WIC experience combine expertise in both government programs and health systems, encompassing:

  • WIC regulations and policies
  • Information system requirements and functions
  • In-depth knowledge of the FReD
  • Work with numerous WIC clinic- and state-agency environments
  • Unique needs of WIC participants
  • High-quality services with limited funding
  • Benefit delivery models

Setting the standard with ground-breaking work

Feasibility Study 
Completing a study for the USDA FNS to determine the feasibility of sharing a common EBT system between the Food Stamp and WIC programs

Collaborating with the USDA FNS to write the FReD-E

ISO Specifications 
Chairing the ANSII standards committee that developed the ISO 8583 and X9.93 technical interface specifications that have made nationwide EBT possible and affordable

WIC EBT Operational Standards
Greatly contributed to the development of standards for WIC EBT operations, including EBT operating rules

UI Specifications 
Served as chair and greatly contributed to the development of a Universal Interface specification designed to standardize the interaction between an EBT and an MIS technology platform

e-Government Payment Council 
Serving as an active member of the e-Government Payment Council to support business, policy and operating issues involved in government electronic payment programs