Veteran Spotlight

Highlighting our Heroes

Elysia Quintanella, U.S. Air Force

Air Force veteran Elysia Quintanilla surprised her family when she enlisted in 2008. She transitioned to the Texas Air National Guard in 2015. Now, Quintanilla is a call center team lead with Veterans Evaluation Services, helping to answer questions about the military claims process.

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Steven Kimball, U.S. Navy

As a Navy veteran and previous food service industry employee, Steven brings leadership and discipline to his role as a team lead in the VES call center. He is proud to share his accomplishments here, including his recovery journey.

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John Lambeth, U.S. Army

During his early career, John Lambeth, Maximus’ Chief Information Officer, participated in college ROTC and as a civil affairs officer in the Army Reserves. Now, he uses his keen business sense to help implement successful IT programs.

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Keith Egelston, U.S. Air Force

Keith Egelston, a U.S. Air Force retiree, brings a wealth of knowledge to Maximus’ Human Resources team. After a 20-year military career serving in the Judge Advocate General Corps and as an Air Force recruiter, he now serves as a senior analyst in Talent Acquisition.

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Kimberly "Starr" Simington, U.S. Army

With a family history of military service, Starr Simington, chose to join the Army. She finished out her federal career with the U.S. Postal Service in 2016. Simington now works with Veterans Evaluation Services as a logistics supervisor and helps coordinate the travel for 8,300 service members a year.

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Karl Gatzke, U.S. Navy

Karl Gatzke brings 20 years of total military experience to Maximus in his role as a call center operations manager. He is also a co-lead for Maximus’ Veterans Alliance of Individuals, Family, and Friends Employee Resource Group.

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