The Citizen Journey®

Every interaction with your citizens counts

Achieving success with citizens requires improved service delivery through a number of active — and nuanced — engagements. We refer to these collective engagements as the Citizen Journey. Our consumer-friendly programs help you improve the customer experience (CX) across multiple channels.

Rethink your citizens' experience with government programs

Consumers today have higher expectations for how services should be delivered. They want everything to be simple, seamless and personalized – the way it is with their favorite companies. We can help you deliver the streamlined experience they seek with helpful service and easy-to-access information at all touchpoints in the Citizen Journey.

Connect effectively

From contact centers to digital and social platforms, it’s vital to reach consumers using the channels they prefer. We offer a full range of innovations to make it easier, including intelligent virtual assistants to enhance customer service and sophisticated social media targeting to locate your targets.

Engage everyone

No one should feel excluded from government services. Our inclusive, multi-channel approach removes obstacles, enabling you to reach all citizens regardless of literacy level, age, disability or spoken language. And we help you connect in ways that are tailored, thoughtful and timely.

Improve the experience

We have a deep understanding of the citizen’s journey when navigating a program, or multiple programs. Data – coupled with modern tools, analytics and research – enables us to anticipate questions and barriers, then streamline and automate workflows to make the process more intuitive.

Contact centers

As one of the nation's leading contact center providers, we're at the forefront of turning old-school call centers into true citizen engagement centers. By integrating multiple channels – from self-service (like mobile apps) to high-touch (like web chat) – we’re providing a more seamless experience. And we’re making government more accessible and efficient through emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Digital solutions

More than ever, governments need modernized solutions to engage citizens through their preferred channels ― online, mobile and social. Maximus Digital Solutions can:

  • Pinpoint unique demographic differences in who’s using various communication channels so you can tailor your efforts
  • Create a strategic plan with policy recommendations, workflow assessments, content and graphic ideas, and methodology for measuring results
  • Determine the best strategy for implementing a robust social media outreach program
  • Develop mobile applications to achieve specific program goals and adapt to the changing needs of participants
  • Provide comprehensive training to help your employees use new media safely and effectively
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Educating and engaging all citizens

If citizens can’t understand your programs, they’re less likely to use them. And that can lead to poorer outcomes. Through the Maximus Center for Health Literacy, we offer a range of services to make government resources less intimidating for all, including non-English speakers, the elderly and the disabled.