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Maximus Genesys Engagement Platform

Enhance the Citizen Journey™ with a scalable, FedRAMP-authorized cloud contact center solution designed for federal, state, and local government agencies.

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Make CX your mission

All the omnichannel functionality required for an optimized citizen experience brought to you by two trusted contact center leaders

Omnichannel functionality from two trusted contact center providers

Maximus and Genesys built a joint solution to provide a secure, best-in-class solution for agencies at every level of government. 

Discover the combined power of the joint Engagement Platform

The time to focus on enhanced CX is now


federal agencies have CX scores that rate as “poor” or “very poor”*


government employees feel their agency’s CX is improving⁰


government employees feel their agency’s CX has stagnated⁰

FedRAMP-authorized for best-in-class security

Fulfill your agency’s mission securely, at every touchpoint of the Citizen Journey™.

Visit the product listing on the FedRAMP Marketplace

Hear our President of IT, Raj Parameswaran, describe how FedRAMP-authorized cloud solutions can help drive business outcomes without sacrificing security.


The features your agency needs, in a FedRAMP-authorized environment

Predictable, consistent budget impact

Reduce the costs of replacing on-premise hardware and shift from CapEx to OpEx with a subscription-based solution that creates monthly budget predictability.

24x7 NOC and SOC help desk support

No more waiting to get the support you need. Tiers 1-3 enjoy dedicated, 24x7 NOC and SOC support to proactively identify, remediate and manage any incidents.

Continuous monitoring for ongoing compliance

Rest assured that you’re always in compliance with FedRAMP mandates thanks to built-in, continuous monitoring and reporting to GSA.

Why move to the cloud, and why now?

Maximus has long been trusted by government to help enhance operational efficiencies, secure citizen data and improve the citizen experience – all while helping to modernize legacy systems and adhere to federal mandates. 

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